about us

everything you need to know about imby

imby’s core purpose is to make the future of the built environment transparent

In Australia there are more than half a million changes proposed to the built environment every year. imby’s vision is to make those changes transparent through the creation of a national resource of planning applications and approvals. This is so that we can better understand, and make more informed decisions about the future of the built environment.

the problem

Changes to the built environment generally follow a generic process of application, assessment and decision. In Australia this process is administered by 563 authorities using different systems, data structures, and language sets. The consequence is a fragmented system that blocks visibility to the overall future of the built environment. This costs Australia culturally through poorer built outcomes and economically through an annual $9.5 billion time drain on property professionals trying to research this information for use in project feasibility, property and development bench-marking and lead generation.

the imby solution

imby collates, cleans and augments data from Australian Local Government Authorities to create a single-source, real-time data set that is easily searchable through an intuitive maps-based interface.


imby product development partners

imby has been working with market partners to ensure that we have the right tool sets for all types and scales of property businesses. We thank our product partners:

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imby is Australia’s most comprehensive and accurate data source for information about the future of the built environment. It’s smart tools allows property professionals to search, monitor, analyse, report and act on opportunities to grow their business.

If you work in the property sector imby has the tools to support you.